Love Eat Pray

Love Eat Pray


MiscPosted by Marie Mon, March 31, 2008 23:41:02
Well, time to start writing here as well I guess, even though I haven't gotten the design I want for it yet, but Hey! Rome wasn't built in a day, right? This blog won't be starting with my anger and sadness in general, but I have to complain a little bit about peoples ignorance. As I have made the consious decision to not have children, and therefore stepping outside the norm that every woman wants at least one child of her own, I constantly get comments like: "When you grow up you will re-think your decision" "You will regret it when you get older" "When you are old you will be all by yourself" "You must be really immature" "Kids are the best things in life, if you don't have any you don't know what life is" "People that hate kids are psychos" and so on, and so forth... If I then tell them that I acctually had my tubes tied a while ago, they start over again: "Why would you want to take away the one thing that makes you a woman" "Now you will REALLY regret your decisions later in life" and they go on and on and on... The funny thing is that I have never said a word about hating anyone, let alone kids. Hate is a really strong feeling and I might dislike some people but so far kids haven't been included in that circle. I also thought that when over 30 years old I would be considered to be "grown up" and able to make my own decisions. I can admit to being immature some times... well, most of the time to be honest, but that doesn't have any effect on my desire to not have children. And if I get all alone when I'm old I must have behaved really badly, if no one will visit me. I, so far, have 9 nieces and nephews, lots of friends and their children, family and I seriously doubt that not a single one of them will come to visit me when I get old. If that happens to be the case I can't blame anyone but myself, because then I really have to been nasty to people around me. I think it would feel worse if I would have had, say 3 kids, and not one of them came to visit me. Having kids does not by default mean that they will stick by you for the rest of your life. And regretting my decision... sure, that might happen, but as in all cases of decision making, you have to take the consequense of the choise you make. Whether it's having kids or not, what car you should buy, pizza or burgers for dinner and so on... you always have to take the consequense of your actions. And I seriously doubt that I am a psycho, even if I don't feel sane all the time. I don't go around critising people for the choises they make, if they have children, if they buy a new car, get a dog, when I think they should get a cat, so why do they think it is okay to lash out on me for the choise I made? Is it just because the norm sais everyone should have children? Is it because it's the "right" thing to do? Are they so desperate to have someone that loves them back unconditionally that they can't see that not everyone has that need? Yes, I am ego, but so are those who chose to have kids, as the child never asked to be born into this world, and honestly... not everyone is suited to be a parent, but here is no parent licence even though that might screw up an innocent persons life, but you have to have a licence to drive a car... Okay... maybe not the same thing, but...

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Posted by roger Wed, December 10, 2008 19:05:16

Yes for adult decisions. I didn't want kids until I got married. But then we couldnt have any. Now we have a family of adoptees. Just tell these busy bodies that if and when you decide to have kids you can always adopt one. That way you're not adding to the worlds burden, but helping the world out a little bit. And you don't necessarily need a partner for that one. God Bless

Posted by Madelene Fri, November 21, 2008 12:05:32

Hehe tack för kommentaren, men trots allt vill jag in på Harrys ändå! Men mamma har bokat bord så får vi se vad som händer, för tydligen, om man ska tro på "rykten" har dom ingen rätt att hindra mig att äta!

Så kul att du läste min blogg, dock kan inte jag läsa något här eftersom jag inte kan engelska tyvärr.

Ha det bra!

Posted by Wed, October 01, 2008 21:05:58

NÄMEN NÄMEN NÄMEN NÄMEN? Du heter som min favorit bok? Nu hajjar jag noll och inget och nu blev jag förvirrad! Men tack för din kommentar, jag antar att världen där ute är relativt konstig ändå! =) Hoppas att du snart kommer tillbaka.!